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showcase of various liquid core dice sets

Liquid Core RPG Dice

Beautiful Liquid Core RPG Dice The perfect dice set doesn’t exis- Now introducing Project Kirtrite’s Liquid Core RPG Dice Sets! …

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product image of Advent Calendar XL

Gifts for TTRPG Players

Gifts for TTRPG Players Let’s dive into the exciting world of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG) with these fabulous gifts, designed …

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step by step guide to bases

Kings of War Bases

Let’s have Fun with Bases The goal was rather quite simple here. I am working on a Kings of War …

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Rajik with Sword


Add Rajik Miniature to cart D&D 5E Pathfinder Rajik Assassin Large Creature, evil Armor Class 19 (heavy armor)Hit Points 204 …

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3d printing Project Kirtrite Hydra Miniature

3D Resin Printing Miniatures

Resin 3D Printing Opening Statements I am going to break character, so I’m not speaking as if within the realm …

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showcasing advent calendar xl

New Advent Calendars

New Advent Calendars Chocolates for Sarah, toy cars for John, and for Michael… Your mind draws a blank on what …

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artwork of Lucios Magnus fighting Hrothmir.

Hrothmir’s Downfall

The Downfall of Hrothmir The hydra could hear every twig snap beneath the human’s clumsy feet, and its scent assaulted …

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