About Project Kirtrite

“Kirtrite, a land of magnificence, yet imperfect, tests the measure of one’s soul. In this land, the choice is made of which side to fight on, to rise or to fall, to be the hero or the villain.”

Welcome, fellow journeyers. Adventure awaits, should you accept the call. Come, join me on this quest to bring adventure right to your door. On this journey, you can find that all the legends can be true–step into the wild, the medieval, the magical with open-air shops, horsedrawn wagons, swordfights with the centaurs, tests of wits with the elves, and battles and secrets to take to your grave.

Herein lies the answer to all wargaming, role-playing, and story-telling needs. Meet my friends, in miniature form, of all different peoples, creatures, and factions; and allow us to tell your tales and bring your adventures to life. Bring our adventure to your fellow journeymen and follow our stories for your own role-playing quests.

The adventure will be constantly growing, so be sure to check back in regularly to see the new arrivals. Should you find a need for something not a part of our journey, make the request, and I’ll put in a word with the Wayfarer.

In The Oracle, we don’t just unveil new releases; we summon them with the fervor of true enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the narratives that drive our creations, stories that transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. This sacred space isn’t just about products; it’s a celebration of the shared love for gaming and the collective journey of nerdy souls seeking fulfillment in every roll of the dice.

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