New Advent Calendars

Chocolates for Sarah, toy cars for John, and for Michael… Your mind draws a blank on what to get for that one last person on your holiday shopping list. I’m sure we’ve all been there; having a gift in mind for everyone on the list but struggling with what to get the hobbyist. Well, the search is over! No more shopping through countless hobby stores and spending hours searching online for ideas. The solution: Our 28 mm miniature gift box.

You can give the gift of tabletop gaming with this one exciting box. It’s stuffed with over twenty 28mm miniatures that are perfect for any tabletop roleplaying game. Each miniature is carefully designed and 3D printed with high quality resin, so you can trust that every model in the pack is of top quality. The gift box is perfect for gamers and hobbyists alike as some of the miniatures come unassembled, so you can enjoy piecing them together and painting them exactly as you like.

Your hobbyist friend will surely love it as they build their army of undead and skeletons or elves and goblins or archers and medieval riders. Yours will be proclaimed the best gift of the year when you give someone this gift box of miniatures.

Don’t worry. We won’t tell anyone if you decide to get a gift box for yourself as well. Everyone deserves gifts and happiness during the holiday season, afterall, right?

While you’re grabbing that 28mm miniature gift box, don’t forget to stop by our shop as well. You can see the many different miniatures and terrain pieces we have to offer as well as bits of lore from the Land of Kirtrite to get some ideas rolling for yours or your friend’s next campaign.

Now, quit stalling and go grab that 28mm miniature gift box for you and your friend while supplies last.