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About Project Kirtrite

Explore the enchanting world of Kirtrite through our diverse collection of wargaming and role-playing miniatures. From mythical creatures to heroic factions, we offer the tools to bring your tabletop adventures to life, with a commitment to expanding our selection to meet the evolving needs of fellow journeyers.

In The Oracle, we don’t just unveil new releases; we summon them with the fervor of true enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the narratives that drive our creations, stories that transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. This sacred space isn’t just about products; it’s a celebration of the shared love for gaming and the collective journey of nerdy souls seeking fulfillment in every roll of the dice.

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5-Star Project Kirtrite Reviews

This model arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The details are exquisite and clear. Overall I am happy with this model and plan on buying more.

5-Star Project Kirtrite Reviews
Jonathan Henderson

The armor details are super defined. The sun, the straps are all raised and look like they’ll be easy to paint. Good finish, too...

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your miniatures pre-painted or do they come in raw form?

Our miniatures are sold unpainted, allowing you the creative freedom to personalize and paint them according to your preferences.

Can I request custom designs for my miniatures?

At this time, we don’t offer custom design services. However, we regularly release new designs, and we appreciate customer suggestions for future releases.

What scale are your miniatures?

Our miniatures are typically designed for a standard 28mm scale, compatible with most popular role-playing games.

Do your miniatures require assembly?

Most of our miniatures come pre-assembled. However, some larger models may require minimal assembly, and detailed instructions will be provided. Any modular miniatures will be detailed as such in the product description.

How do I care for and clean my 3D printed miniatures?

We recommend using a gentle brush or compressed air to remove dust. Avoid exposing the miniatures to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for extended periods.

Which glue is best for assembly?

My personal favorite is Guerilla Super Glue Gel. However, any super glue (cyanoacrylate glue) will get the job done for the resin miniatures.

Do the miniatures need to be primed before painting?

I would recommend priming for best results. The resin miniatures are cleaned throroughly and can be painted without priming.

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