Revenant Tyrant Eye Beholder


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In stock


Unveil the darkness within your next roleplaying conquest with the Revenant Tyrant Eye Beholder, a masterful representation of dread and power for your gaming table. Born out of the shadowy depths of La Louve 3D’s brilliant imagination, this death tyrant miniature beckons you to breathe life into its unpainted form. 🐲

Stare into the abyss with a creature that once was an arcane aberration, now a formidable foe in the shape of a Death Tyrant—each undead orb meticulously sculpted to detail the horrors and the might of a being beyond mortal comprehension. The Revenant Tyrant Eye Beholder is not just a miniature; it’s a potential epic tale on your tabletop, a foe that can turn the tides of battle against even the bravest adventurers. 🎲

Crafted at a 28mm scale, this miniature provides an immersive presence that fits perfectly amidst the storied landscapes you’ve crafted with passion. The clear resin base serves as a mystic pedestal, invisible to the eye yet firm in its grounding, allowing the full terror of the tyrant to float ominously above your battleground. 💀

Painting the Revenant Tyrant Eye Beholder is an adventure itself, beckoning the brush of those who dare to add their own touch to its cursed visage. Summon your inner artist and gift it colors that match its malignant lore or your fiercest nightmares. Your hands will have the power to finish the story that La Louve 3D has so intricately commenced. 🎨

Summon the Revenant Tyrant Eye Beholder to your collection and witness your fellow gamers marvel at its menace and majesty. Whether as a challenge for heroes to overcome or an avatar of destruction under your command, this miniature is bound to be the dark jewel of your gaming sessions. Claim it, paint it, and prepare for glory. In the realm of dice and dreams, it awaits your call. 🌌