Carrion Crawler Mini


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In stock


Carrion Crawler – Unleash Terror on Your Tabletop 🦴

Lubart Miniatures presents the Carrion Crawler, a high-detail resin miniature that’s sure to strike fear into the hearts of your player characters. This monstrous creature, meticulously sculpted and 3D printed, is the perfect addition to your D&D or TTRPG campaign.

Exquisite Detail for Immersive Gameplay 🎨

From its segmented body to its grasping tentacles, every inch of this Carrion Crawler is crafted with precision and care. The intricate detailing brings the creature to life, making it a standout piece on your battlefield. The base, littered with the skeletal remains of the Crawler’s victims, adds an extra layer of grim reality to your encounters.

Versatile and Ready for Action 💪

This 32mm scale unpainted miniature is ready for you to customize to your liking. Whether you’re a seasoned painter looking for a new challenge or a Dungeon Master wanting to add a touch of visual flair to your game, the Carrion Crawler is a perfect fit. Its size is suitable for any standard grid map, making it easy to integrate into your existing setup.

A Must-Have for Collectors and Enthusiasts 🏆

More than just a gaming piece, the Carrion Crawler miniature is a work of art. Its imposing presence and meticulous design make it a worthy addition to any miniature collection. Whether displayed on a shelf or used in the heat of battle, this creature commands attention and respect.

The Carrion Crawler Miniature from Lubart Miniatures is not just a tool, but a statement. It says you’re ready to take your tabletop gaming to the next level, to create memorable experiences that will have your players talking long after the dice have been put away.

Elevate your game. Strike terror into hearts. Unleash the Carrion Crawler.