English Heavy Infantry Miniatures


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In stock


These English Heavy Infantry Miniatures, meticulously sculpted by Peculiar Companions, offer a remarkable addition to any collection or tabletop game. Each miniature is printed in high-detail resin, captured at a 28mm scale that perfectly represents soldiers from the 15th and 16th centuries in full plate armor. The set includes eight distinct figures, each equipped with either a sword or pike, ready to bring the battlefield to life in your living room or gaming den.

These miniatures come to you as unpainted treasures, providing a blank canvas for you to customize. Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to paint your next masterpiece or a gamer wanting to personalize your army, these miniatures offer the flexibility and detail needed for both. The standard 25mm round bases are included to give them stability and a uniform look on the gaming table. However, for those who prefer a different aesthetic or have specific gaming requirements, square bases or unit bases are available upon request, ensuring that these English Heavy Infantry Miniatures perfectly fit into any scenario or game setup you have in mind.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, these miniatures not only serve as game pieces but also as collectibles that capture a piece of historical warfare. Whether displayed on a shelf or deployed in a strategic tabletop battle, they promise to be a talking point and a source of pride.

Beyond their historical accuracy and stunning detail, these English Heavy Infantry Miniatures are perfect for elevating the realism and immersion of your tabletop RPG sessions or wargames. Envision transforming these figures into the stalwart guards of a bustling medieval town, standing ready at the gates, patrolling the streets, or engaging in a dramatic defense against a marauding band of orcs. Alternatively, use them to muster a formidable rank and file army, poised for epic battles across fantasy or historical landscapes. Their versatility and quality make them indispensable for game masters and wargamers alike, looking to enrich their narratives and gameplay with a touch of authenticity and a sprinkle of creativity.

Additionally, for those interested in expanding their historical tableaus or fantasy settings, Peculiar Companions has a diverse portfolio of miniatures spanning various realms of the same time period. Pairing English Heavy Infantry with archers, cavalry, or mythical creatures from the same high-quality resin can create balanced forces ready for any confrontation on the gaming table.

Whether your passion lies in the meticulous painting of each figure, strategizing grand historical battles, or crafting immersive role-playing scenarios, these English Heavy Infantry Miniatures from Peculiar Companions offer endless possibilities. They stand not just as models but as gateways to the vast landscapes of your imagination.