Thromdot Flamesong – Dwarf Bard with Bagpipes


  • Consists of one miniature with base
  • 32 mm scale miniature
  • Great for role-playing games on the tabletop
  • Can also work as a character or leader for tabletop wargames

In stock

In stock


Thromdot Flamesong is the perfect addition to your gaming repertoire! This 32 mm scale miniature of a Dwarf Bard with Bagpipes is ideal for tabletop role-playing games and can even work as a character or leader for tabletop wargames.

With his wild crimson hair, oversized bagpipes, and actual fire, Thromdot Flamesong steals the show in any setting! Singing out his battle cries and rallying allies, observers will appreciate the highly detailed 32mm bardic miniature set against the battlefield backdrop that stretches before him.

For any role-playing game, this quirky Dwarf Bard figure will add a touch of jollity to your round table. His magnificent instrument comes ready to bring the house down, or burn it down – adding an explosion (figurative or otherwise) of fun to game play. From performing at taverns across RPG landscapes to leading bold legions into sprawling battles in your favorite wargame; this unique figure will have players engaged and transported into their imaginary new worlds with each breathtaking turn around their gaming board.

This excellent miniature is sculpted by The Lion’s Tower, prints sold by Project Kirtrite via merchant license. You can check out their Patreon for STLs here. 

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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