Hiparco Mounted General


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Glyss general ready to lead mounted troops into battle.

  • Comes unassembled as shown in images
  • 32mm scale
  • Supplied unpainted

In stock

In stock


Brandishing his shield and spear, the general led his troops valiantly into battle. Metal clashed on metal. Shields were dented. Spears were splintered. But the casualties amassed on the other side. The Riders of Glyss won battle that day.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in

1 review for Hiparco Mounted General

  1. Jonathan Henderson (verified owner)

    I’m surprised in every way! Not big on buying 3D printed stuff from “a friend of a friend” (no quality assurance, spru marks, “getaroundtoit” shipping), but all of the pieces I ordered were exceptional. Fast, too! I ordered these on the 26th, got them yesterday.
    I have a “Graeco-Roman” Paladin… Literally a War Gods Corinthian. Just making lemonade for our game, so far, but when said friend told me about Kirtrite, I gave it a look and found… The Hiparco! Once I get this painted (glue’s dry), it’ll be my new piece.

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