General Lucios Magnus


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  • Consists of two pieces: a Glyss (Greek) general wielding two swords and a hydra head
  • The general is part giant and stands taller at over 40mm
  • 28/32 mm scale
  • Compatible for all wargaming and tabletop roleplaying games

In stock (can be backordered)

In stock (can be backordered)


You’ve found my dear friend, Lucios Magnus. General Magnus was found almost dead as a baby. The farm had been destroyed by a hydra. Glyss is a Greek/ Roman themed civilization. When they found the baby, the military took him in and raised him. Once he was old enough to walk, he was strong enough to pick up a sword. What the others did not know was that he was part Giant, so he grew to be 8 feet tall. At a young age, he led the hunt to find the Hydra that killed his family and destroyed his home. His unit suffered heavy casualties, but he did kill the hydra in the end. He became known for his abilities to hunt monsters. The Elves gifted him master-crafted weapons, enchanted with the power of the sun for a job he did for them. The dwarves made custom armor to fit his larger size, also imbued with power of the sun. Years later, Glyss was invaded, and he volunteered to lead the army to victory. A lifetime of training served him to that purpose, and the invading Irukem were driven off.

This model is perfect for any of your wargaming or roleplaying needs.

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1 review for General Lucios Magnus

  1. Jonathan Henderson (verified owner)

    The armor details are super defined. The sun, the straps are all raised and look like they’ll be easy to paint. Good finish, too. I was about to rip on the piece becasue it’s too big, but it says it right here… “8feet tall”… in 32mm. The piece is good, just big. You need a 32mm base, for sure.

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