William Wallace


William Wallace stands strong ready to lead legions into battle!

  • model comes in one piece
  • base included
  • model sold unpainted
  • 32mm scale
  • sculpted by ToyDoy Miniatures and sold via merchant license


In stock

In stock


If you are looking to bring some medieval fantasy to your Dungeons and Dragons or other miniatures game, look no further than the William Wallace miniature from ToyDoy Miniatures. This awesome model stands 32mm tall and comes in one piece, with a base included – making it quick and easy to get ready for battle. Unpainted for you to customize however you’d like, the amazing detailing of this model will lend an air of authenticity to your gaming table. Sculpted by the masterful hands of ToyDoy Miniatures and sold via merchant license, William Wallace is sure to lead your legions into new adventures and thrilling victories! Get yours today and bring a legendary warrior right into your gaming sessions!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in