Undead Skeleton Ogre


  • Consists of miniature and base
  • 28/32 mm scale
  • Compatible for all wargaming and tabletop roleplaying games
  • Model supplied unpainted and unassembled

Sculpted by Runeforge Studios and sold by Project Kirtrite Via Merchant License.

In stock

In stock


Welcome to the age of magic and mayhem! The undead skeleton ogre will take your tabletop gaming experience to the next level. This miniature model is finely detailed and 28/32mm scaled, just perfect for all your wargaming, roleplaying games such as D&D or Pathfinder, and more. When you paint this mini-model, you’ll be impressed by its intricacy; no wonder it looks like something out of an epic fantasy scene! And with its classic undead vibe, it makes for a fantastic villain in whatever imaginary world you’re creating. Plus, knowing it’s unpainted means you have plenty of opportunity to customize and colorize this beauty however you see fit. Let your imagination run wild while exploring different designs with this undead skeleton ogre -you might even create characters that will stay in your memory forever. Bring the fun back into lifting your figures and embark on a remarkable adventure!

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