Undead Acolyte-Reading Pose


  • Consists of two pieces: a skeletal acolyte in a reading pose and a base
  • 28/32 mm scale
  • Compatible for all wargaming and tabletop roleplaying games
  • Model supplied unpainted

Sculpted by Runeforge Studios and sold by Project Kirtrite Via Merchant License.

In stock

In stock


Ah, beware this undead acolyte. He hails from the lost army of the undead, a special apprentice of the horrid necromancer. They say the Book of the Damned was lost for centuries before it was recovered by this acolyte–as the prophecies had foretold. Is it he who shall raise the army of the dead once more, or will he bring destruction upon all of us who live in Glyss in his attempts? Only time will tell.

This model is perfect for any of your wargaming or roleplaying needs.

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