ShelfVenture Display Shelf for Miniatures


  • Shelfventure Modular Shelves are designed to work with 1″ pegboard
  • Print time should be no more than around a weel for 1 order (larger orders may have a longer lead time)
  • Components supplied unpainted and unassembled
  • Standard kit includes 25 wall pieces and front cover pieces as well as 5 rampart pieces
  • Customizations available on request for specific components (like if you want more of a certain wall design)
  • Discounts available for bulk orders
  • Front pieces can be magnetized with 4x1mm magnets


It’s honestly a bit difficult to showcase this on a website. I will regardless do my best to describe this amazing product. If you are looking to find an awesome way to show off your miniature collection, then this can be a really cool way to do so. Each wall piece is 3×3 inches in size and fits snugly into standard 1 inch pegboard.

Embark on a Grand Display Odyssey with ShelfVenture Display Shelf for Miniatures

Journey through worlds of untold wonder, where your bravest adventurers, mightiest heroes, and most fearsome dragons reside not just in the realm of imagination but right before your eyes, proudly displayed upon the bastions of the ShelfVenture Display Shelf for Miniatures. Crafted for the guardians of miniature realms, ShelfVenture is the haven your meticulously painted legions deserve.

Craft Your Kingdom

Modular Majesty: Our shelves are not mere wood and metal—they are a canvas for your creativity. Designed to integrate seamlessly with 1″ pegboard systems, the ShelfVenture Modular Shelves grant you the power to construct towering fortresses as vast as your collection commands.

Creation in a Week: Time is of the essence in any quest, and our forges work with haste and precision. An order of ShelfVenture realms is promised to emerge from the mystic printers in no more than a week, ready to begin its journey to your sanctum.

The Artisan’s Toolkit: Each standard kit is a trove of potential, including 25 wall pieces, front cover pieces to complete the look, and 5 rampart pieces to elevate your most honored champions. Yet, the true magic lies in customization; every request is an opportunity to create something uniquely yours.

Realm Expansion: Rally your fellow enthusiasts and venture forth together. Discounts await those who order in bulk, a testament to the camaraderie and shared passion that fuels our community.

Magnetic Mysteries: Unlock the secret of changing displays with ease through magnetized front pieces, where 4x1mm magnets serve as invisible anchors, allowing your story to evolve and grow.

For Collectors, By Enthusiasts

We at Project Kirtrite know the heart of a collector, for we too have ventured through endless campaigns and spent countless hours at the painting table. Each ShelfVenture Display Shelf for Miniatures is more than just a product—it’s a piece of our shared legacy, designed to bring out the epic tale behind each miniature.

Your Kingdom Awaits: Are you ready to give your miniature cohort the grand display they deserve and transform your space into a narrative tableau? The realms of ShelfVenture beckon. Claim your place in the annals of collector history.

Step into a world where every shelf tells a story, and every miniature is a hero in its own epic. ShelfVenture: Where legends live.

Summon your adventures to life with ShelfVenture Display Shelves.