Omni Case | Micro Size


  • Smallest Size
  • Comes with two drawer inserts with modular sizing available
  • Customizations available upon request
  • About 1 week production time if on backorder
  • See renders for various design options
  • Printed in PLA material at fine detail settings
  • Interior trays are 10x10x2″



Introducing the Omni Case | Micro Size: a miniature marvel designed to bring organization and magic into the world of gaming. With its unparalleled compactness, this case is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and the vibrant community we serve.

Enchantingly Small, Unbelievably Mighty

Imagine a realm where every tiny treasure finds its sanctuary, a place so small yet so expansive it defies the very laws of space and time. That realm is now a reality with the Omni Case | Micro Size. Crafted for the nomadic adventurer and the homebound mage alike, its smallest size belies its immense capacity to safeguard your most cherished gaming components.

A Portal to Infinite Customizations

Step into a world of endless possibilities with two drawer inserts, featuring modular sizing that adapts to the treasures you seek to protect. Whether it’s dice endowed with the power of fate or tokens imbued with ancient magic, the Omni Case transforms to meet your needs. And for those who dream of a unique bastion for their gaming artifacts, customizations await your decree. Your imagination is the only limit.

Forged from the Dreams of Makers

Printed with precision in PLA material, each case boasts details so fine they whisper tales of distant lands and epic battles. Every line, every curve is rendered at settings that capture the essence of your adventures. Choose from a pantheon of design options, each a window into another world, ready to transport you and your comrades to realms unexplored.

Swift as a Meteor, Steady as a Mountain

Should your chosen case dwell in the realm of possibility rather than immediate reality, fear not. With a production time of about one week for backorders, your wait will be brief, yet filled with anticipation. Like a meteor rushing through the night sky, your Omni Case will arrive swiftly, steadfastly, ready to begin its journey with you.

Your Quest Begins Here

See the renders. Dream of the possibilities. Choose the companion for your gaming escapades that promises not just to carry your tools but to elevate your entire gaming experience. The Omni Case | Micro Size isn’t just a product. It’s a gateway to worlds unknown, stories untold, and adventures that await.

Join us, fellow traveler. Together, let’s venture into the vast, enchanting universe of gaming with the Omni Case | Micro Size as our loyal custodian.

Additional information

Case Style

Plain, Comic Book, Dragon Scales, Dwarven, Eldritch Horror, Mimic, Norse Runes, Sci-Fi