Death Knight


  • Consists of one miniature with base
  • 32 mm scale miniature
  • Great for role-playing games on the tabletop
  • Can also work as a character or leader for tabletop wargames

In stock

In stock


Welcome to a world of fantastic adventure: meet the incredible Death Knight! This 32mm scale miniature is the perfect addition to any tabletop game, and it’s waiting for you to bring it to life. Whether you’re playing a role-playing game or intend to use it as a leader in your next tabletop wargame, the Death Knight will give your gaming experience the perfect edge. Just look at its level of detail – with intricate armor and weaponry, this knight of legions stands ready for battle. An imposing presence on the battlefield and sure to be respected by friend and foe alike. Unleash your creativity – the possibilities here are truly endless! How will you challenge others in your games? With Death Knight as your champion, we’re eager to find out.

This excellent miniature is sculpted by The Lion’s Tower, prints sold by Project Kirtrite via merchant license. You can check out their Patreon for STLs here. 

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in


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