Alexander – Kings and Heroes


Alexander stands strong ready to lead legions into battle!

  • model comes in one piece
  • base included
  • model sold unpainted
  • 32mm scale
  • sculpted by ToyDoy Miniatures and sold via merchant license


In stock

In stock


Introducing Alexander! Here stands a legendary hero, ready to lead your legions into a thrilling adventure. Stomping into battle in a single preassembled piece, this 32mm scale model is an imposing figure worthy of any tabletop gaming scene. His sculpted armor shines with power and skill, sure to lead the way against foes of all kinds. Now ready for new adventures with the included base, you can even modify his look however you like. Whether painting him to match your campaign aesthetic or leaving him in raw steel as if fresh from a forge, he’ll guide your heroes through every challenge with heroic bravery. So join the bold Alexander on whatever journey awaits them by picking up this amazing miniature today!

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in