The Cyclops


  • The Cyclops is sculpted by Games Mythology
  • 32mm scale miniature
  • terrorizing monster slaughtering the greek soldiers
  • comes unassembled in 5 parts
  • comes unpainted
  • Sold via merchant license

In stock

In stock


Step back in time with the Cyclops from Games Mythology! This incredible 32mm scale miniature is sure to send chills down your spine and transport you back to a world of legend and lore.

Modelled after the terrorizing monster of Greek mythology, the Cyclops boasts an impressive level of creativity and detail. It comes unassembled in five parts, so you can proudly display your finished figure when reassembling it. And since it also comes unpainted, you can customize your little piece of history however you want, for a unique look every time.

Dungeons and Dragons players will relish in the possibilities that this sculpture presents – all of its sharp details fuel their imagination and elevate their game play. Tabletop gamers will no doubt be mesmerized by this epic recreation of the Greek myth classic, while being inspired to create stories only they can tell – no two Cyclops are ever alike! Besides just Dungeons and Dragons or similar products, miniature enthusiasts will treasure complete control over what the final product looks like – each Cyclops can come to life in whatever way they choose.

Experience an unforgettable adventure when you summon The Cyclops 3D printed by Project Kirtrite under merchant license.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in