Sharp Edge RPG Dice Set – Black and Silver with Moving Blue Dragon Eye


  • Comes with dice set of 7 sharp edge liquid core dice
  • Dice bag included

In stock

In stock


Calling all dice goblins, TTRPG players, and D&D fans – the perfect set of dice has arrived! Our Sharp Edge RPG Dice Set in transparent Black and Silver with Blue Moving Dragon Eyes brings a touch of mystery and whimsy to your gaming table. Impress your friends with these impressive resin cast dice that feature a stirring blue dragon eye inside each die. This eye appears to follow you or your fellow players as you take your turn, adding an extra element of mystique to your game night. With one D20, one D12, two D10s, one D8, one D6 and one D4 included in the set, you’ve got the perfect array of dice for whatever adventure lies ahead.

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Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 5 in