Oversized D20 – Filled with Moving Eyes


Oversized D20 filled with Moving Eyes

Available in 33mm or 50mm sizes

50mm sizes comes with metal case



Oversized D20 Moving Eyes

Step into the realm of mystical adventure with this enchanting Oversized D20, the talisman of fate for the bold and the brave. Crafted for those who walk the lands of fantasy and partake in the grand tales of Dungeons & Dragons and tabletop role-playing games, this is not merely a die – it is an artifact steeped in wonder.

Key Features:

Choose Your Destiny’s Size

  • Available in two sizes, your quest can be joined by a 33mm companion or a grand 50mm sovereign of chance, each capable of dictating the flow of your grand odyssey.

Behold the Eye-Filled Oracle

  • Within the pristine clear resin and edges sharp as a dragon’s tooth lie tiny multi-colored eyes that vigilantly observe your path to glory. With each roll, they tumble and turn, watching the tides of your tale unfold.

Glimmering Digits of Gold

  • Engraved with numerals as golden as a hoard plundered from a wyrm’s lair, every tally shines with the promise of triumph and treasure. Your roll will not be a mere number; it will be an omen of opulence.

Venture forth, O brave souls, with this Oversized D20 Filled With Moving Eyes. Whether calling forth the arcane, bargaining with eldritch entities, or clashing with the denizens of the dark, your rolls shall rise above mere mortals’ games. And as you weave the narrative of your character’s deeds, this dice will be as much a part of your legacy as the stories etched into the annals of time. So gather your party, roll the dice, and let fate guide your destiny. The possibilities are endless with this wondrous artifact in hand. So what are you waiting for? Begin your journey today! Let the Oversized D20 Filled With Moving Eyes be your guide through the realms of untold wonders and unimaginable treasures. May you always roll high and may adventure

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50mm, 33mm