Nolret, Eater of All


This is a big dragon-like model. Nolret, Eater of All comes unassembled.

  • Model in six parts: base, head, torso, 2 wings, and tail
  • Nolret miniature parts are solid, no hollowing on the parts.
  • Supplied unpainted
  • Assembled model over 4 inches tall (around 120 mm)
  • Excellent as a decoration or epic boss fight
  • Sculpted by Evox Arts and printed and sold under merchant license

In stock

In stock


Summon the might of Nolret, Eater of All and bring your tabletop games to life! This fantastical beast stands ready for combat, measuring over 4 inches tall when fully assembled. The Nolret model is solid and expertly sculpted by Evox Arts – no hollowing found here. With six detailed parts – base, head, torso, two wings and tail—you’ll love building this dragon before you challenge your opponents in an epic battle royale. Your dastardly foes won’t know what hit them when Nolret, Eater of All is at the helm! If not for quarrelsomeness against heroes then why not use this masterfully crafted mini as decoration? Add it to whichever corner shall be fit for a dragon-sized creature such as this one! Get yours today and bring the dungeons and dragons style life with Nolret!

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in