Naversor, the Shipbreaker


This is a big model. Naversor, the Shipbreaker comes unassembled.

  • Model in four parts: base, torso in two parts, and head
  • Naversor miniature parts are solid, no hollowing on the parts.
  • Supplied unpainted
  • Assembled model over 4 inches tall (around 110 mm) and almost 6 inches long (around 150 mm)
  • Excellent as a decoration or epic boss fight
  • Sculpted by Evox Arts and printed and sold under merchant license

In stock

In stock


The Naversor, the Shipbreaker is an epic centerpiece perfect for any Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder tabletop game. This intricately crafted model stands tall, reaching over 4 inches in height when fully assembled. With its parts printed and sold under merchant license and sculpted by Evox Arts, you can trust that this behemoth will stand strong until your epic boss fight meets its end. Every piece of this model is carved with sharp detail and each component of the four-part structure — base, torso in two parts, and head — comes unassembled just waiting to be constructed. Once Naversor takes his rightful place within your rpg mini world regime, he’ll make an excellent decoration or a quick staging point for your sudden ambushes — bad guys beware! Grab your Naversor, the Shipbreaker before it’s too late and relish in sword-slinging bliss alongside him through all your miniature battles.

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Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in