Ghengis (With Whip) – Kings and Heroes


Ghengis Khan stands strong ready to lead legions into battle!

  • model comes in one piece
  • base included
  • model sold unpainted
  • 32mm scale
  • sculpted by ToyDoy Miniatures and sold via merchant license


In stock

In stock


Ghengis Khan stands strong and beckons you to pick up your sword and join the fight! With his finely-crafted 32mm scale model, sculpted by ToyDoy Miniatures, any tabletop game or RPG will have the perfect hero. Ghengis comes in one piece and includes a base – ready to be painted and added to your collection of esteemed dungeon crawlers.

Walk with the greats! Ghengis was one of history’s most influential rulers in terms of military strategy and organization, so pay tribute to him by having him lead your legions into battle. Let each dice roll be just another step toward success as you craft stories of glory from the comfort of your own castle walls. He’s a legendary figure and an inspiring addition for both miniature enthusiasts and hardcore D&D players alike. With Ghengis Khan standing strong at the helm, surely nothing can stand in your way!

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Dimensions 3 × 3 × 3 in