Advent Calendar XL – Felizak’s Picks 2022


  • A great gift for hobby friends or yourself
  • Each option is filled with a fun assortment of minis
  • Minis are 28/32mm scale
  • Some assembly required
  • Kits may include modular models with various small parts

In stock

In stock


At last, the new and improved Project Kirtrite Advent Calendar. Now even bigger. The XL is stuffed with minis with various options available. Choose the set you’d like and also pick which bases you’d like included. We are a proud supporter of the various artists and studios that sculpted the various models in our shop. Project Kirtrite is a licensed merchant. This is the biggest one we have available with selections of Felizak’s favorite models that Project Kirtrite is licensed to sell. -This includes 50 miniatures and accompanying round bases -Most bases are 25mm size, though some are larger for larger minis -Some assembly required -Miniatures supplied unpainted and unassembled -This calendar contains all minis shown, though they are randomized in the calendar to add to the surprise for each box -Elves sculpted by Quartermaster 3D -Ancient Greek models sculpted by Games Mythology -Select models from Kingdom of Talarius set sculpted by The Lion’s Tower -Medieval English units sculpted by Peculiar Companions -Dwarves and Snake Woman sculpted by The Master Forge -Yudrith the Slayer sculpted by Tabletop Terrain Team (V7W2H8) -Select monsters sculpted by Jaime for Project Kirtrite

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 4 in